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Edge of Rukongai(open, Toshiro)

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Edge of Rukongai(open, Toshiro) Empty Edge of Rukongai(open, Toshiro)

Post by mangagal2 on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 16:21

This is at the very edge of Rukongai in the district of Junrinan. It is the neighborhood Cas and Captain Hitsugaya grew up in.

Cassandra walked the streets of her old home. She wasn't in her normal Shinigami robe or in her fancy shoes that they wore. She was in her normal downtime clothes. They consisted of a long blue and white dress that ended at her shins. She was walking barefoot down the street. She had gotten the day off from working and decided to spend it with her older brother Takashi. Even though Cas was a shinigami, she still visited Takashi who lived in the Rukongai. She looked around and realized that this place hadn't changed much; she felt naive to think that it would.

But before she went t the house she stopped by the store and got some tea.. She walked down the street and visited Toshiro's grandmother. "Hi, Granny Hitsugaya" she greeted as she opened the door carefully. Growing up, Toshiro and his grandmother lived just up the street from where Takashi and Cas lived. So she was over at his grandmother's all the time and she had kinda adopted her as her surrogate grandmother. Toshiro didn't like that but his grandmother said it was alright.
"I brought you some tea. It's your favorite" she sang as she walked inside the house

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