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Hatsune Reina

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Hatsune Reina Empty Hatsune Reina

Post by Halofade on Sun 25 Apr 2010, 05:04

Hatsune Reina

16 (before death) 617 (after death/soul society) 100 (After vaizard 'initiation')



Most of the time happy, like a child. easy going, stubborn, when she doesn't get what she wants or doesn't like something she's harsh and snappy. flirtatious, can at times get kinky just to mess with people, witty, can be sweet, likes to have fun, tends to act like a child. Because of this, she is underestimated. Most of everyone's biggest mistake. Not very shy at all, in fact she is quite frank. more blunt than what you can imagine. Doesn't care what you think about her, although sometimes she may cry at the smallest insult. At random times, she can go from extremely happy to calm and serene...dark...and agitated and angry. Bipolar tendencies, you might say? In battle: She can be playful like a child, but the more serious she gets, so does her personality and attitude. At her most serious stage she is mean, malicious with great murderous intent.

Likes: Candy, eating, stuffed animals, thrill rides (on her mo ped or motorcycle), hugging, kissing cute boys, riding fast on her moped, playing games, toying with her enemy, laughing, getting her way, being mischevious, likes flowers, preferably ROSES> MUSIC IS HER MOST LIKE.

Dislikes: overly serious people, party poopers, people who ruin her fun, Losing, putting people down when she doesn't mean to, getting too close to peole unles she trusts them for sure

school girl outfit: turquoise blue and black plad skirt, black vest folded at the end of the sleeve (the fold is white), white shirt and teal tie with a hollow skull on it, high socks and school girl shoes.
Hatsune Reina Desktopstreet2nethatsune_miku_12-61

Zanpakuto name:

Additional information:

Abilities: Shadow/Darkness, Kido

Vaizard Mask: Hatsune Reina Fairymask

Release Phrase: “Wrought fear in their hearts, Kurayami....” She starts singing a soft, dark but beutiful melody.

Shikai form: elongated black Jade katana blade ((Youtou Kurayami: Angoku Dama/Cursed blade Kurayami: Jade of the Abyss))

Shikai powers: She can transform the sword into just about any other weapon, but she preferably enjoys turning it into a old microphone, megaphone or an electric guitar;

Bankai form: Dragon wings
sword: Double bladed sword, but the hilt is long like a stafff..... Hatsune Reina Sword28uath

Bankai powers: Dragon of the Darkness Flame, "sennen no kurayami no keimusho" ((thousand-year dark prison)) Covering the area in darkness blinding opponent-kurai ringu; Can use your shadow against you and other shadows and manipulate them; whenever she actually slashes the opponent, drawing blood, not only does she draw blood, but she draws the opponents very soul...

Second Bankai form: “Ooki ku kurai tokage…Kurayami!” She starts singing a song. Dark and ominous, but beautiful and moving to tears. Hatsune Reina Black_Dragon_TNT

Fighting style/powers: Off her mask, she simply plays with her enemy and pushes him/her/it to his/her/it’s limits before even considering wearing her mask. She remains in complete control while wearing it. She uses her Hollow powers to augment her existing Shinigami abilities, granting her massive increases in speed, stamina, strength, spiritual power, Reiryoku absorbtion, Cero, Mask shielding, and Power augmentation (if you don’t know what any of this stuff is, go to Bleach Wiki or something).


Reina was born in Japan to a very wealthy family. The Hatsune family. You could say it was the wealthiest European man in Japan. They had taken a Japanese last name, her parents had, when they moved from Europe to Japan. Her father was a ruthless man. A business man, and very strict. The richest man of the land. He was well respected. She used to have an older brother. She could never remember his name. But he had already grown up and had died somehow, very young still.

Growing up, Reina got everything she wanted. All the toys in the world, and more. The greatest gift a child can have. The love of two parents. Her mother was a house wife and was always there. Cleaning, cooking, etc. She was also a samurai instructor and owned the town dojo where she taught people the way of the sword/samurai. Including Reina. But she didn't just do the way of the sword, but the way of music. Reina loved music very much. They had a lot of farmland that the servants took care of, including all the animals. They had profit coming in from all directions. At night, when her father was home and it was Reina's bed time, the mother and the father would come together and tell her bedtime stories, and before they walked out, always, they whispered "I love you." Reina was a sweet girl then, cheerful and kept out of trouble. She got to do anything she wanted because of this. Anything. Loved and spoiled. What more could you ask for? But the best out of everything, was the fact that she could see spirits. She had seen her brother's spirit and even spoke to her. She never told anyone about this thinking that she might be ostrasized and made fun of. She kept it to herself.

Her parents were so in love with one another that they were always out together, and Reina was left alone with the servants. She didn't mind at all. She understood and loved her parents very much. But then... her sister was born.

Reina always felt that she was in the shadow of her younger, attractive sister Katrina. Ever since Kat was born when Reina was just four years old, Katrina has had all the attention because she almost died at birth and was born very fragile. The other reason was because Katrina was the splitting image of her mother, and Reina was not. Reina looked more like her father, the blue hair, blue eyes, but Katrina was blonde with blue eyes, just like their mother. The father was so much in love with the mother that his love immediately went from Reina to Katrina. The mother, whom was so much in love with her looks, also fell in love with Katrina. That day was the day Reina was abandoned by her parent's love. All she had from birth to the age of three was her parent's love. And it was gone. Stolen. Taken away by the thing they called Katrina. They had even stopped going to tell her bedtime stories. That also went along with the "I love yous".

Growing up, not only was Katrina spoiled, but she got all the love in the world from her parents, so much love, there couldn't possibly be any more love to give. Exactly how Reina was raised. But did Reina receive any love during this time? Hardly. She was spoiled, yes, but her parents paid her no attention. They were sharing their new love with Katrina, and they were so in love with one another, that there was really none left to give. That is how her servants told it when Katrina went away with her parents, something Reina never got to do. As nicely as they tried to put it, Reina couldn't help feeling the way she felt about it. She was hurt, angry, and greatest of all she was jealous.

Hatsune Reina RenandVocaloids19

Years passed and nothing changed. Under her sister's shadow, Reina tried to get their attention in many ways. At first, it was the less troublesome way of telling them how she felt. They laughed in her face. Told her she was exaggerating and that they loved her just the same, and they would send her away everytime. Just like that. She took out her anger on the maids. Gave them more work. Double shifts.
Later, at the age of nine, she started getting more agressive, expressing her anger in a physical way. She started getting into trouble. She took out her anger on the maids. Gave them more work. Double shifts. Making a mess out of things. Getting into fights with the maids, with anybody! She had to get attention somehow. But it only made things worse. She wanted her parents to do the punishing but when the maids brought Reina to them, they laughed and told the maids to take care of the punishment themselves. They had better things to gloat over Katrina or each other. The maids were hard on her. They whipped her. They made her clean and cook and anything else.

Katrina would laugh at Reina's foolish behavior, just as her parents had done. Because her parents had done it, Katrina grew to do it too. "You're not my sister. You're nothing but a lowly servant in this house now! And you're going to do as I say, or else!" When Reina refused to do as Katrina said, and got into fights with her, that is when her parents got into it. They insulted her and threw curses at her. They might as well have forgotten she was their child. Her parents stopped giving her gifts. The spoils were gone. And the servants took care of the rest. She had truly become one of the maids of the house. Because of her disrespect towards Katrina, her parents no longer let her sit with them at the table. She ate the scraps and leftovers the servants did. She had truly become one of the maids of the house.

But as time went by, she saw no point in being bitter. She softened up, and started being nicer to Katrina. In return, Katrina showed sympathy and kindness and eventually they grew close. Reina had learned the only reason Katrina said the things she did and acted the way she did was because she didn't know how else to act and was only acting on her parent's example. This was done behind their parent's backs. Reina didn't feel alone in the world anymore.

Hatsune Reina RenandVocaloids45


One day, when Reina was fifteen years old, as she was cleaning Katrina's room as the family ate together at the table, a gang of thungs broke into the house and surrounded the family. One very mean looking man walked in. He was covered in scars from head to toe. "Give us your daughter, or we'll take all your lives, your servant's lives, AND your money. You lowly Europeans think you can come here and take our land our jobs and our money and think there will be no concequence? This can go down easy, or we can play hard ball. So what's it going to be, 'boss'?" Curiosity set in and Reina peeped from the corner of the wall to watch. She couldn't help but think it a good thing if Katrina died.

Then Suddenly, the father grabs Reina from the corner by the shoulder and pulled her next to the family. The bad guys drew their weapons. "You want my daughter? Take her!" He gently pushes Reina to them. Reina was terrified. "Daddy, I'm scared, please don't let them take me!" "Yeah dad..." she heard Katrina whisper. "This is wrong, don't give in to them!" Reina was awestuck by her sister's words and silent tears fell down her face. So her sister really did care... But it was too late. The main man took out a bag and another one grabbed Reina throwing her in. Reina screamed at the top of her lungs. Katrina was going to charge at the man who was doing it but her father grabbed her firmly by the shoulder's and turned her around to look into her eyes hard. "This is for our own good. We must cooperate, sweet pea. Understand?" Katrina looked back with the same ferocity, with new hate towards the man she called father. "What about Reina's own good?"


The gang dragged the bag Reina was in by a string attached to a fast running horse. The bag was very thick, seemed made out of leather, but Reina was still getting badly hurt as she was dragged, as she hit rocks in the dirt road. Soon she falls unconscious. When she wakes up she has her arms tied around a post in a small shack. The bad men tanunt her and mock her as she gains consciousness. "Don't think you'll be getting out of here anytime soon. Not until your daddy pays up." He pokes Reina with his unsheathed sword. "He'll never pay up, you know. You might as well give up and just kill me here and now instead of wasting your time." The man smiles maliciously.

Throughout the next few months, Reina is held captive by these men while back at home, her father didn't even lift a finger. They went on with their lives. Except for Katrina. She trained harder than ever before and even hired men with strange clothing, looking alien to her, to find her and save her. These men, they had strange tattoos on them, of numbers. Eventually they did find her and the gang fought desperately for their lives as the hired men slaughtered them without mercy. All the men were dead and Reina was there, chained at the post abused in many ways; beaten, raped, starved, etc. As Katrina ran to her sister, one of the strange men she hired teleported infront of her, blocking her way. They stabbed her and killed her, Reina screamed. Little did she know, these 'men' were no men, but rather Espada from Hueco Mundo, out for some 'fun' in the real world. The last thing Reina saw as she stared wide eyed was a number tattooed on the Espada's body.

Days turned to nights and nights into days. Both Katrina and Reina's spirits roamed around, having woken up together, yet apart from the gang members. They knew each other but were utterly confused and didn't know exactly what had happened. They went home and they watched their family in the real world. They watched how tenderly they cared for Katrina's body and what a large funeral they had for her. As for Reina, they told the servants to care for the body and do as they please with it. They burned her body and scattered the ashes across the land. It wasn't too terrible a deed. Katrina was sorry and that's all Reina wanted. Then, Shinigami showed up out of nowhere and sent them away to a far away place they called the Soul Society. A new beginning.


The sisters were seperated almost immediately. She struggled in this new place, Reina did. She didn't want to remember the years of emotional tormet of her life and the physical/emotional torture that led to her death. But she almost forgot. She was recued, or so she thought. She was murdered. They were not human. Reina heard about and sought out the soul reapers. Entering the academy she dedicated her time to training as a soul reaper. Over time he learned how to channel his spiritual energy, gaining powers he never thought imaginable. One night, as she was moping about her own miserable existance, a voice inside of her spoke. She looked up and saw a mighty black dragon with glowing red eyes. Where it stood, black flames tickled up its legs. But on the dragon, there was a man. Stragely, she was not afraid. She stared at the beast in a silence that was so heavy and seemed to last for an eternity. Eventually, the man and the dragon spoke at once, like a harmonic ominous choir, questioned her and revealed to know more about her than Reina knew about herself. After a long evaluation, the dragon breathed fire. At Reina. But it did not burn her. Instead she drifted into a deep sleep. During this drifting, she learned the name of her Zanpakuto. She awoke to find her katana unsheathed and black. After several seconds it went back to normal. Excited by what had happened, she was inspired to work harder. She became close to Kurayami, the dragon and the man, and they were fierce trainers. They did not have mercy at all on her, and came close to destroying her many times, but Reina always came out triumphant. They gave her all Reina wanted. And Reina fell in love with her Zanpakuto.

She excelled so quickly reaching Bankai merely days afterwards. Soon, she became the Captain of the 10th squad having surpassed all the other seats. Including the captain.

Then came Aizen. He was intrigued by her power, and hadn't had a test subject on a very secret scheme. A sword that could suck away at the very soul of a Shinigami, and spiritual power. This could be said from the needs she needed in her human life. The want to be loved, and what little she got, it was never enough. But that is all HE knew about HEr power. He gained her trust rather quickly, and Aizen broke that trust quickly. They were alone, 'training' in the forest when it happened. Reina couldn't say what happened, she didn't even know it actually did, but Aizen did something while her back was turned, and then all there was was darkness.

When she woke up, she was still in the forest, but there was something on her face. It was a mask. But when she supressed her power, the mask went away. She headed back to Soul Society, and everyone was glad to see her having been missing for several days. Everyone was glad, at first. Strange things started happening. Shinigami would avoid her, and eventually she was cast out from Soul Society for reasons unknown even to her. She was replaced by a kid. A KID! It all happened so fast, they wouldn't even let her ask questions. She was called "Traitor" and yet she didn't know what she had done that made her one. She felt betrayed, alone, and confused, but as time went by, she got used to it.

Reina learned more about her newly aquired power, and liked it, a lot. Eventually, others came to join her that were also betrayed by Aizen and Soul Society. Others were born from Urahara's own. Urahara came to notice her some time after she was experimenting with her powers and lost control to her full hollow form. Reina got together with other Vaizards and trained with them and became stronger, getting more control over her powers, but never complete control over her full hollow form. To this day, she struggles to do so. She lives to take revenge on the ones who killed her and her sister, and went on to kill many more from the village, even her mother as she found out later on.

But even so, that is how Reina came to be what they like to call a "Vaizard."

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