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BLEACH 2000 Empty BLEACH 2000

Post by Alexia on Mon 31 May 2010, 18:33

BLEACH 2000 Bleach2000logo

we are a casual bleach role playing forum mainly around for some fun.

Time has skipped a single month forwards form Aizens death and a lot of things have happened. the Sereitei has begun to rebuild and the arrancar have slwoly began to regenerate. Gin Ichimaru scurried off with the hogyoku to find an old friend in his seat. Together, they seek revenge against both The soul society and Ichigo Kurosaki.

More and more humans have been found with pwoers and the quincy seem to be appearing from nowhere. Even more vizards have been increasing in number and wander the world looking for reasons and answers. Soon, the great battle will be resserected later, when both sides have regained their once former glory.

We want to give members the best in customisation and freedom with their characters, so rules on applications are very limited. Create whatever and we will see about making it legit enough for Bleach. the better you write your applications, the higher your ransk will eb and the more people you will be able to beat.

take a look if your interested, register if you want to play!
cya around"

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