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Arithus Hiriashi

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Arithus Hiriashi Empty Arithus Hiriashi

Post by Arithus on Tue 08 Jun 2010, 00:40

Character Info
Name:Arithus Hiriashi (pronunced hear-e-ashi) or Ari

Personality:Ari is a care free person but is also serious about stuff.He usually doesn't hold grudges.Arithus has been known to plant traps or trick others which has saved his life more than once.He is that kind of person that can get everyone rallied up and uplifted during fights or any place.But dire situations Ari sometimes makes jokes about stuff that is not really supposed to be funny which gets him in trouble most of the time.He also has a short temper towards idiots no matter who they are
-Blowing up stuff
-Long Introductions
-Plots to take over the world
Appearance:Arithus Hiriashi Cuteboywithglasses
History:Arithus was born in the rural area of Kyoto his mom had died when he was born.At the age of 5 he was visited by his grandfather who had a meeting with his dad.Eavesdropping on the meeting he found out he was a lucky one who doesn't have the sight.Wondering what it was and started looking at stuff more closely not knowing what exactly what they mean.So at the age of 7 he began seeing ghost telling his father who quickly called his grandfather.When he arrived he was immediately taken to a graveyard to see if Ari could see any of the spirits.After that he went home getting a history lesson on what a Quincy was.The next day he began archery becoming familiar with the basics of arrow till the age of thirteen was when Arithus got his Quincy Cross.He began learning how to use and gather spirit particles taking him a few days to manifest into a bow and learning the different methods of using particles creating his own ability and trained till the age of fifteen.Hollows where drawn to the area attacking his family and killed his grandfather.Surprised by attack he let out a large spirit arrow knocking him out for about 4 months the last thing he saw was a figures in black clothing appear.When he woke up he was in a hospital in Karakura Town.

With a massive head ache looking out at the calender and realizes his birthday passed thinking he was knocked out for a few hours.Finding a check with a large amount of money and note with a address on it.Located on that address was a small one room apartment with a note that explained his grandfathers death and how his father was on a job.After going into town to buy furniture and food he found a small container with a note and a key shaped into a pentacle.Ari read the note learning about the Quincy training base and the key.On his way to the base a hollow attacked him quickly running into the forest the hollow on his tail running into a shinigami literally who was surprised he could see him.Both being chased by hollows backing each other up in the fight.After the battle they became friends making the ally with the shinigamis.Overtime Ari got skilled leading a normal life of school except for the hollows helping out and for two years working on his skills

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Character Info
Name: Hiriashi Arithus
Rank: Quincy

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