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Bleach Uprising[Affiliation]

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Bleach Uprising[Affiliation] Empty Bleach Uprising[Affiliation]

Post by Bleach U on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 22:35

Name of site: Bleach Uprising
Bleach Uprising[Affiliation] Bleach_Wall_by_Stunod-2
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Bleach Uprising"></a>
Plot of site (if any): Our plot follows the Story line of bleach.
Is Bleach Inferno's banner up on your site: Yes
Bleach U

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Bleach Uprising[Affiliation] Empty Re: Bleach Uprising[Affiliation]

Post by Sunbriel on Sun 20 Jun 2010, 19:31

Your banner is up on the Forum and Portal pages.
Thank you for affiliating.

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