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Unique Abilities Empty Unique Abilities

Post by Kitana_Matsuri on Fri 25 Jun 2010, 04:28

As many of the characters in Bleach come with their own dynamics, we certainly take this into consideration.

Ability sheets for Arrancar, Shinigami, Vizard and Quincy alike, will be updated as more information on them is presented from the manga.

Also, for characters who have their own special abilities, we also keep track of this. Not only do we make sure the start-out abilities are adequate, the staff also takes into account that there will be characters who need their own ability charts.

Special abilities for characters such as Kurosaki Ichigo, for example, will have their own segment dedicated to abilities only they have. The same will be made for any other RPer who chooses a character that has designated properties only accessible by them. We will judge when these specials should be unlocked and pick the amount of points as fair as we can.

For OC's, please inform staff if you have any remarkable power that needs to be notified. If someone on staff notices a power being used that should be earned, we will tell you. In that case, a singular chart will be made for your character where it will show how many points you must have in order to utilize the technique.

For any questions, concerns or powers you would like to notify us about, please post those here.

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