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Bleach RP resurrected! Write Your Destiny!

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Bleach RP resurrected! Write Your Destiny! Empty Bleach RP resurrected! Write Your Destiny!

Post by By@kuy@ on Tue 24 Aug 2010, 05:24

Bleach RP! ~Write Your Destiny!~ A dead Bleach RP site resurrected!!!
Age Rating: All are welcome! Yes, even kidergartens!

Come and join our community of unique role-players where the members are friendly, the adventures are plentiful, and the worlds are anew with a whole new way to RP with statistics (Life, Reiatsu, Experiences, Attack, Defence, etc.) of your own unique character! (either canon or custom) You can build up your character's stats by RP'ing and/or training! No matter what you do, you can earn cash by posting and exchange them for Experiences which then can be exchanged for specific stats your character most value.

Every new members are welcome, either inexperienced or highly experienced to whatever. Come and pay the site a visit! You can start registering without having to confirm your email address, therefore starting your quest is as fast as simple! Now then, come and Write Your Destiny! only at www.createforum(dot)com

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