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Post by poipoiguy on Wed 17 Nov 2010, 12:30

Name: Jesse
Rank: Mod
How active are you: 3-5, depends on mood
Why should Staff members trust you: Because i am willing to follow orders, i am great at analysing text, i am lenient to a reasonable degree, I am not afraid to expose corruption between mods, even if it endangers my position.
Do you have experience: Made a legitimate point of mod corruption on Bleach World, got PMed by a mod saying that, because their position of power was endangered, they were gonna ban me, got banned 2 days later.
What will you do for the forum: I will try to Filter out the flamers and spammers, and help to get more people to join (I have connections!). i will assist the Admins in whatever they need to do. And I will gank rulebreakers to the extent of my power!

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