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Keara Nokemai: Soul Reaper

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Keara Nokemai: Soul Reaper Empty Keara Nokemai: Soul Reaper

Post by Keara on Sun 19 Dec 2010, 07:57

Character Info
Name: Keara Nokemai

Age: (looks 25) 38

Gender: female

Species: Shinigami

Rank: 6th Company not seated

Personality: Keara is cold towards most but has a soft spot for children. She's very happy go lucky when you get to know her, but before she actually knows someone, to her, they are her enemy.

Likes: Nature, animals, and children

Dislikes: People who think they are better then everyone, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Appearance: Keara has pale skin, and very slender. She has a uncanny resemblance to Soi Fon, she prefers to wear loose fitting clothes, such as kimono's and long dresses.

History: Keara and her mother died in a car accident when Kira was only twelve years old. While still in the world of the living, she and her mother were attacked by a hollow, and her mother was eaten. She still remembers her mother's scream as the hollow bit off her left arm. After the hollow finished off her mother, the best turned to her and was about to attack when she saw a serrated blade cut the the monster's head. She saw the things body turn to ash and behind it a Red haired man dressed in black, with tribal tattoos. The man was Renji Abarai, and he helped her pass on to the Soul Society.
She never found out who it was that had saved her but always suspected Renji. It was because of this that she worked hard since then to get into the Soul Reaper academy so she could join the sixth company. She even went as far as getting a job at Renji favourite eye wear place to be closer to him. She hasn't ever said anything to him, because she's afraid that he would hate her.
Keara has a high spiritual pressure, which is another reason she got a job, and was unable to support her self when she first arrived in the Rukongai. She ended up in the 78th zone, a place not kind to any especially children. She met a small group of children, like her self, and they quickly became a family. But it didn't take long for that place of death and violence to claim the lives of this tattered family. It was after this that she swore she would do everything in her power to make life better for the children who lived there, and was also when she went to the Soul Reaper Academy to take the entrance exam.

Zanpakutō Info
Name: Homikorito-Notsemaki
Shikai: turns into one gray wolf, the wolf moves so fast it looks like he's teleporting, even the fastest with flash stepping. It does this by using the powers of wind. "Run like the wind Homikorito-Notsemaki"
Bankai: (Learns this later) it's a wolf pack the leader being her and she is engulfed in flames that appear to give her some wolf attributes, like a slight increase in speed and her senses as well. "Incinerate them Demikine Homikorito-Notsemaki"

Test RP post:

"Just keep running dear, don't stop. What ever you do don't stop!" a woman soaked in blood pushed her daughter forward, making the little girl run. She was missing her left arm, but she just kept running. They heard a blood curdling scream behind them. The little girl tried to turn around to look but her mother knocked her to the ground and shielded her from danger with her body.

"SOULS! I NEED MORE SOULS!!" The beast howled. He didn't hesitate when the woman he was chasing fell to the ground, this was his chance. That delicious soul would be his as soon as he took care of her mother.

"It's okay honey, don't worry mommy's got you. Don't cry, mommy is here," The woman choked out, trying to comfort her child. The white masked beast tore the girls mother off her body throwing her against a near by building. "No don't, you can't have her!" the woman cried out struggling to her feet and running towards the monster. "You can't, you can't have my baby!"

"THEN I'LL EAT YOU FIRST!" It screamed stuffing the womans body into is mouth, the crimson liquid staining it's white face red.

"MOMMY!!" The little girl screamed, this was the first time she had talked since her and her mother died in the car accident. Everything started to blur for the little girl, but then she saw a black serrated blade cut threw the mask like face of the monster coming towards her. And just before she passed out she thought she saw a mop of red hair behind the disintegrating creature. That was the last thing she could remember about that day.

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