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Cheyenne Region

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Cheyenne Region Empty Cheyenne Region

Post by Shiro C. on Thu 06 Jan 2011, 20:26

Cheyenne Region Chey

For years the land of Cheyenne had been at peace under Professor Sakura and her fellow trainers' supervision. Team Death had been kept at bay until most members disbanded, keeping the region safe. However, now that she has retired to give way to her cousin, Professor Winters, new dangers lurk in the horizon.

The remnants of Team Death has gotten wind of the change in power and want to use this opportunity to take the land for themselves. Young trainers have found themselves being attacked by suspicious individuals with odd-looking, bloodthirsty Pokémon.

While the Professors are seeking for trainers willing to help protect this land, Team Death has also been busy gathering members to do their deeds. Which side will you aid?


Cheyenne is an ongoing literate Pokémon trainer roleplay that will soon celebrate it's fifth anniversary. Every day is an adventure with friendly, active staff and members. You can journey through towns and cities while surviving the routes that link the region together. Choose your path as a trainer, a coordinator, or even both!

However, when you aren't facing eminent danger, your character is free to make friends, enemies, and lovers with other member's characters. Build your dream team through your own blood, sweat, and tears. One day, you might claw your way up to the Elite Four and have your team immortalized in the Master's Corridor. Are you up for the challenge?

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Shiro C.

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