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Bleach Dynasty : Recreation

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Bleach Dynasty : Recreation

Post by Seraphim on Mon 28 Feb 2011, 06:39


Can anyone hear me?

A voice warbled in a low hiss through the walkie talkie. There was a silent moan as they all hid in the room smelled of mold and dust. They all held their ground, knowing, and silently waiting. How would they survive this? How could they survive this? anyone there?

Hissed the talkie, yet none of them answered, yet none of them said anything. None of them dare breathe or speak. For that fact of the matter talk.

They...they are coming to get...find you...the...the..ho..hollows

In the dark room that played low phantom tunes and wicked deadly hums. Their breath was like a small clouded fog in the cold weather. Only lit by a perfect beam of sunlight.

Is..anyone...they have gotten...smarter...they...have...increased...anyone hear me?

But none of them said anything, they refused to move despite the fact that they knew they should. Despite the fact that they knew sitting like ducks wasn't the best way to survive. They stayed quiet, they stayed together, they stayed close.

How do we defeat them?

They were use to hearing death,after all, they were.

It's only just beginning... Where do you stand in this only evolving world filled with already unknown darkness?



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