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Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami

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Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami Empty Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami

Post by StonedNinja on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 06:08

(Firstly I wanna say it's awesome to get going on a Bleach RP forum. I just got my internet back and was looking for something good to play and I have enjoyed rping on the internet for a long time. Hopefully my application will be up to par. I will try to keep it short while not cutting out too much description. Cause I got a bad habit of not stopping once I get too descriptive.)

Character Info
Name: Alejandro Delharuaga
Age: 177 (Looks 27)
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Personality: Alejandro's demeanor in life is easy going and care free. He is apt to make friends easily although his love of sparring and fighting can irritate others. Quick to make a joke and join the laughter of others outside of battle he is one of the friendliest people that can be known. But while in combat his attitude changes drastically to the seriousness of the situation in hand though thing change in attitude is still slow to come in most situations. Even as friendly and welcoming as he is, if a friend requires help he is more apt to let them work it out for themselves as he believes this will help them get stronger although he will not let someone die on his watch. Over all he'd rather have fun doing what he does than anything else in life. As for combat itself he usually lets the person he is engaged with make the first few moves as to set himself up mostly for a counter attack. Rarely will he make the first strike against someone as he believes the counter attack is the true strike in which to phase an opponent into defeat.
Likes: Fighting. Sparring. Telling jokes. Having fun.
Dislikes: The bad guys. Fish.
Appearance: At 6ft, 195lbs his hair shines a brilliant cyan color. His bangs flop over in front of his eyes while the rest is cut short and faded in the back. His eyes, usually hidden by his hair, when seen shine brightly in an earthly green hue while his face is hard and angled with a thick goatee. As for his clothes, while wearing the same basic shinigami set as others he has added some flare to them. Up and down his uniform are streaks of lightning spreading out in every direction. The bolts on his white shirt are black while the bolts on his black pants are white. The sash holding all of it together has been shaped to resemble a lighting bolt and he has dyed it a cyan color. Never being much of a fan of sandals he has discarded them and has a comfortable pair of black slippers he wears instead. And lastly, hanging from his belt is a pouch containing hundreds of senbon needles.
History: Remembering nothing of his past life Alejandro grew up in a Rukongai district that was known for thieves and he was part of a gang of other children who did as they pleased. Coming together with the other children he soon come to hold a place for all of them in his heart. This is where he learned his compasionate ways and easy going manner. Growing up like this he learned to rely upon his speed until a hollow attack threw him for a loop as his speed did nothing to help the others and no matter how fast or far he ran away he could not out run the screams of those being slaughtered by the hollows. Finally returning to the town the obliteration of the area sparked his heart and he realized he would not be able to witness such a thing again. It was this turning point that eventually led him to the Soul Society and to join the academy where he now tries to increase his ability in all areas possible so that from now on not only could he protect himself but those around him that he cared for as well.

Zanpakutō Info
Name: Raijin
Shikai: Rumble Raijin! In Shikai it's form changes to that of an Estoc with thunderheads running down it's blade and is meant to be wielded with two hands.
Bankai: Burst and Flash Raijin! In Bankai it's form changes to that of a Rapier with it's knuckle guard shaped like lighting bolts fitting around his right hand making it hard to disarm him and it also sparks off electricity from it's blade.

Resurrección form
Release Quote:

Test RP post As Alejandro looked his sparring partner over he noticed he was breathing just as heavily as himself. Well that's good at least he thinks to himself knowing he is almost at his limit. Bringing his sword up to hold with both hands he steels himself for the inevitable attack coming his way. His sparring partner runs at him sword flashing sending his blade in a horizontal strike. Alejandro quickly responds with a counter attack as he leaps up over the sword swing attempting to deliver a viscious spinning heel kick. Feeling his foot connect with his partner he lands back on his feet in time to see him land flat on his face as the momentum rolled him over on his back. Sheathing his sword, Alejandro walks over to his sparring partner. "Nice job Izurai," he says holding his hand out to help him up. "Ah, I don't know about that Alejandro. You really threw it to me there at the end of the fight. I just had nothing left in the tank," said Izurai. Pulling Izurai up Alejandro says, "Nothing to worry about my friend, you are just too skinny. You need to put alot more meat on those bones of yours, haha. You got to have something in your tank before it can actually run out. Now let's go get something to eat my friend."

(I would like to be in the squad with Kenpachi for obvious reasons. Hehe. Thank you for your time.)

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Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami Empty Re: Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami

Post by xdark_ichigox on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 20:46

Everything looks good here. A little grammar mistake here and there, but no biggie. Just don't let it affect your RPing. Other than that, it looks good. I'll wait for the admin for her reply. My verdict:


Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami Devil-Inside

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Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami Empty Re: Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami

Post by Kitana_Matsuri on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 18:19

I tend to trust the judgment of my fellow admin and after going over this, I as well can approve this.


Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami GrimmPanteraSML

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Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami Empty Re: Alejandro Delharuaga; Shinigami

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