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Fixed Points in Karakura

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Fixed Points in Karakura Empty Fixed Points in Karakura

Post by Kitana_Matsuri on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 18:56

Issues for Shinigami and Arrancar alike meet an interesting fold in space that continually redirects them to a few fixed coordinates in odd areas of Karakura. Once trapped in the loops, many problems arise when getting away from these spaces proves more difficult by the attempt. By fluke or bad luck, these portholes travel through Hueco Mundo and Soul Society undetected at a rapid moving pace, dragging in unsuspecting souls.

Rules: Once entering this loop, Sonido and Shunpo are 4 out of 5 times most likely to lead you to a new dimension rip that places you back into the vicinity of Karakura. Garganta and other means of traveling to either Hueco Mundo or Soul Society tend to backfire. Instead of reaching the desired destination, techniques like Garganta link up to the loop holes that only lead back to Karakura.

Fixed Points in Karakura GrimmPanteraSML

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