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Kyasuta Romurusu Toroi (Shinigami)

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Kyasuta Romurusu Toroi (Shinigami) Empty Kyasuta Romurusu Toroi (Shinigami)

Post by Captain Marvel on Sat 03 Sep 2011, 21:04

(Alright, just a note before I start. I'm new here, and I've read the rules and everything, but if I've forgotten something or I'm doing something wrong, please tell me so I can stop doing whatever it is I'm doing wrong. Very Happy I've also had some experience RPing before, but not in a setting with Experience Points, and I can't seem to find where it tells you how to get them. So, if I have no idea what I'm doing XP-point wise, don't blame me. Razz Also, on a related note, I'm just going to put in the Rank and Powers that I want my character to have, so if I can't have anything right off the bat, just reply and I'll change it. Thanks.)

Character Info
Name: Kyasuta Romurusu Toroi (Called Kyasuta by friends)
Age: 157 (appears about 16)
Height: 5’8”
Weight:180 lbs.
Gender: Male
Species: Shinigami
Rank:4th seat 3rd division
Personality: In a nutshell, Romurusu is dedicated, intelligent, and a bit odd. His hard-working nature allows him to practice for hours on end at improving his strength, speed, and stamina. He never really gives up, even if the odds are stacked against him. Even if he walks away from a fight knowing he can’t win, somewhere in the back of his mind lies the thought that he will get stronger and defeat his opponent again. He does follow the philosophy of Squad 3, however, in that “fighting is not fun and should be avoided as much as possible, but if you get stronger you can end fights quicker.” Much of his strength, however, lies with his intelligence. He was born smart, and knows he’s lucky to be that way. However, he isn’t boastful about the fact, and doesn’t go around saying how smart he is. He does use his intelligence to further his own needs and the needs of his comrades, but in an unobtrusive way. Romurusu has a very strange sense of humor, which seems to fit in more with the 12th division’s rather than anyone else’s, in that it is very quirky and strange. He often makes jokes about things no one but Captain Kurotsuchi has heard of, and even then they’re not usually very funny. He tends to stay away from people he doesn’t know well, as they tend to mistake him for someone in the 12th division because of his odd nature. If he makes a friend, however, he sticks with them a lot, including training with them and just generally having fun. By some time, all his friends have become good friends, making him have only “good friends” and no “friends.”
Likes: Strawberries: Kyasuta absolutely loves strawberries. If he sees them, he will immediately go over to them and ask if he can have some. If he can’t, he’ll ask where he can get them and then get all the ones he can find.

The 12th Division: Even though he is in the third squad, Romurusu likes the members of the 12th squad because they understand his humor, even if it isn’t funny. The only person who always laughs at his jokes is Captain Kurotsuchi, even though he isn’t one to laugh.

Mind Puzzles: Because of his considerable intellect, Kyasuta needs something to do with it. Mind games and puzzles are his answer. He can almost always be seen doing Sudoku, or other things like that in his free time. And he always, always, always does the hardest ones.

Music: Kyasuta loves listening to music, and always carries around a pair of headphones as a result of this.
Dislikes: His Last Name: Kyasuta absolutely loathes being called Toroi by anyone, even his best friends. He has no idea why he was given that name, and hated it from the very beginning. He tried to change it numerous times in his youth.

Hollows: Romurusu strongly believes that all Hollows should be destroyed, even if they aren’t doing any harm. He hates them because he believes that they are eating souls who aren’t doing anything wrong, even if they do it to survive.
Appearance: Kyasuta has shaggy, deep blue hair that stops an inch above the base of his neck. His bangs are swept across his forehead to the left. He has striking gray eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He wears a standard Shinigami uniform, along with a deep blue bandolier to match his hair. He is also commonly seen with a pair of gray headphones around his neck when not training to become stronger. He wears his Zanpakutou strapped to his upper back (by his bandolier) several inches below his neck, perpendicular to his body.
History (Abridged Version): Kyasuta was a young man living in Rome when a Hollow akin to a Chimaera attacked him. He was out for a walk by the seaside on a large cliff, when it appeared from behind him and attacked him. He tried to defend himself, but was no match for the Hollow and, in a desperate attempt to save himself, jumped off the cliff and into the sea. He survived the jump, and tried to swim to shore but attracted another Hollow to him by his heightened spiritual pressure. Realizing that he did not want to die a pitiful death by getting eaten by a monster, he drowned himself purposely so as to die in peace. After this, Hollows still tried to eat him because of his high spirit energy, but he escaped them and was sent to Rukongai by a Shinigami. After being sent to Rukongai, he heard about the Shinigami from some of the people he met there, and afterwards, realizing that he had high spiritual pressure, applied to become one. He excelled in the training courses and soon rose to the rank of 4th seat in the 3rd division.
Other Skills: Kyasuta is very proficient in Shunpo, able to move at the Expert level. He is not very proficient in Kidou, but knows several basic spells.

Zanpakutō Info
Name: Kaminari no Bara (standard form: katana) (meaning: rose of lightning).
Inner World: Kyasuta’s inner world is an endless garden with red roses everywhere the eye can see. They are so thick the ground is impossible to discern. In the center is a large rowan tree, with a dark cloud above it, within which Kaminari no Bara resides. He is a slender figure, wrapped in a purple cloak from head to toe and sporting spiky blue hair, and a bleach-white face. When he appears to Kyasuta he acts as if he were a deity descending from the heavens, and is very stuck-up and narcissistic, the opposite of Kyasuta.
Shikai: To release Kaminari, Kyasuta holds his sword upside down with two fingers under the tsuba only, and says “Bloom, Kaminari no Bara.” Lightning flies from the blade in a blast of light, and the katana transforms into a thick, rose-like sword. It is green and has a large red blossom on the end, the petals of which never seem to fall off. While in this form, Kaminari can shoot a bolt of lightning by burning a single petal on the 30-petaled rose on the tip of the blade. It also enhances Kyasuta’s speed as well, hence the phrase “fast as lightning”.
Bankai: To send Kaminari no Bara into Bankai form, Kyasuta breaks the rose off of the tip of the Shikai form and tosses it into the air, saying: “Bankai. Denki Bara Kotei.” (electric rose emperor) The small rose disintegrates and forms an enormous one, within which Kyasuta sits. From here, he has almost full control over lightning. Within this form, Kyasuta can manipulate lightning to its fullest extent. This includes moving it through the air, creating and absorbing it. A technique Kyasuta can use in this form is Kotei no Ha (blade of the emperor). This technique allows Kyasuta to form a sword of lightning in his hand, and use it as a normal sword. However, when this sword comes into contact with metal, it sends an electric shock up that metal. This is extremely useful for sword combat, or really any other form of combat with melee weapons. The downside to this is that all the power Kyasuta previously held over lightning is now condensed into Kotei no Ha, therefore leaving Kyasuta unable to control and manipulate lightning when he is using the technique.
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