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Awakened Soul BLeached

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Awakened Soul BLeached Empty Awakened Soul BLeached

Post by TheRedShadow on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 05:16

A hundred years after Sousuke Aizen's imprisonment, he Broke Free and left the Soul Society in shambles. He also Went to the world of the living and searched out the remaining Soul Reapers or any other human that had any sort of power.

Akasaki Kenshi one of the last remaining Shinigami became the Captain General and Brought back the Soul Society back to what it once was. Soon after a virus began to spread and killed some of the population of the Shinigami, but few survived and soon after they began to hollowfiy. As gone by the old rules they where cast out. A few weeks later Head Captain Akasaki Kenshi became ill and began to Hollowfiy. He gave his position to his Lieutenant Luke Wrath. Luke took his offer and made a Decree that Shinigami and Vizard will co-exist but live in two separate worlds.

A few years later Lucifer Mortalis, a human moved to Karakura town noticing the weird changes it has among the other towns. Among arriving he was a Math Teacher at Karakura High, he Noticed a student that had a strange aura. And one day he followed the student as he left the school. Soon after Lucifer saw him fighting strange creatures, he decided to join in. A Few Minutes later a more humanoid Creature appeared and all Lucifer Heard was Afner Trikasil then the humanoid disappeared. Soon after The student appeared behind Lucifer and Noticed that he was different, he explained him everything. The Student Revealed him self as Akasaki Kenshi, and Said, "The war didn't happen... Begins Now!"

Raise Up your Sword and Fight For your Self as: a Fullbringer, a Human, a Quincy, a Arrancar, a Hollow, a Shinigami, or a Vizard. Choose your Path and Awaken Your Soul!

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Akasaki Kenshi

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