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Rozaline Armantosi // Arrancar // Espada Numero 2

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Rozaline Armantosi // Arrancar // Espada Numero 2 Empty Rozaline Armantosi // Arrancar // Espada Numero 2

Post by Adorable on Thu 26 Apr 2012, 01:15

Character Info
Name: Rozaline Armantosi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Arrancar
Rank: Espada Numero 2
Personality: Shy, Cutesy, A bit unwanting to fight.
Likes: Cookies, Waffles, Pancakes, and basically anything.
Dislikes: Being Hurt, Mean People, Mean personalities.
Appearance:Rozaline Armantosi // Arrancar // Espada Numero 2 4e694232fad1ce7bb0ad75a4eaaba7d8-1
History: She was five when she was starting to feel spiritual changes in the atmosphere around her house and street.

Resurrección form
Name: Spiritunata Aslama
Release Quote: I don't usually fight but this is an exception...
Appearance:Rozaline Armantosi // Arrancar // Espada Numero 2 Slarin_15__Arrancar_by_reaper61

Test RP post
Roze ((As she was nicknamed)) would look up, the sky still bright around Hueco Mundo. She could always go back to the world of the living, but she would have nothing to do there except wreck human lives and devour souls to get only mildly stronger. It was boring around here, and it was a wonder to how she had gotten her Espada spot in the first place. Though she was strong, she hardly fought. A roar could be heard behind her, it being a new hollow that only trusted it's bloodthirst and now tried to oppose Roze. As it neared, she sighed, then yawned, clearly not caring that it was coming. As it struck, she didn't even care. It hit her Hiero, which was the hard skin that all Arrancars had. It's piercer broke as it made contact, making it reel in pain and screech out. Other Hollows heard it's call, but they knew better than to try and help it. Pulling her hand together and connecting her fingers to make a type of piercing motion with her hand. Striking inside of it as quick as a panther, she jumped up and landed on it's shoulder's before it registered the pain. Striking once more in the mask, it dissapated before it's scream could be let out. She landed back where she used to be, repeating the process everytime a new hollow attempted to challenge her as she was relaxing. It was so hard to try not to fight and everytime a new opponent would pop up randomly.

Sorry it's so short I was rushing.

**Extra Character Information**
Cero Color: Teal
Hole Location: The Palm of her right hand.
Reitsu Color: Teal

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Character Info

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