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Forest of Menos

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Forest of Menos

Post by Sunbriel on Sun 28 Mar 2010, 01:57

This is an area below the surface of Hueco Mundo's desert where the average Hollow hide from the Arrancar.

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Re: Forest of Menos

Post by Hebi on Thu 06 May 2010, 09:36

Hebi bounded around excitedly at the entrance to the castle, making it look as if her were about to wet his pants. He had heard of the Forest of Menos from the Fraccion hanging around the castle and wanted to go there ever since he had been accepted by Lord Aizen. But he had been so busy the past few months, what with the attack on the castle by the outsiders.

The small Espada had been told to remain in his room and to not leave it until Lord Aizen commanded him to. Hebi was never told why he had to stay in his room but there had been whispers of intruders loose in the castle and of a showdown with the Gotei 13. If this was true... why had Hebi not been chosen for this honor? Perhaps he was too green to take on a Shinigami...

Unable to argue with with orders he had been given, that's what Hebi did. He waited silently, simply laying on his bed the whole time staring at the ceiling and slicing the occasional spider that scuttled along it in two with his Zanpakuto. He only got up to go to the bathroom and to wipe spider guts off of his blade. He had never been so bored in his life... Not even while listening to Szayel's ramblings. And god damn could that guy ramble...

After what felt like an eternity, he heard footsteps clapping the marble floor outside. Unable to handle this isolation, the Septima opened his door a crack. He saw the last person in Las Noches trodding by at his usual pace. It was Grimmjow! Hebi had heard that Grimmjow had been killed in a battle against one of the intruders. One that was a Vizard as well as a Shinigami... What had his name been? Isahoe Cuntysucky? Something like that. Before he could get a word out, the Espada had continued walking.

Watching his chance at leaving stroll by, Hebi sighed to himself. If Grimmjow was here, did that mean Lord Aizen had returned? Soon after Grimmjow passed, one of the castle's Fraccion passed. Poking his head out, Hebi asked him where Lord Aizen was and if he had returned from his battle. That was when he was informed of Lord Aizen's demise... Oddly, the little Espada felt no regret for their "leader"'s death... Perhaps because Hebi had never viewed him as one.

The Septima continued to dance around. He had asked Grimmjow to come with him but had gotten the usual stoic grunt. Gazing up at the blazing sun, Hebi tried to determine the time. He was going to wait until midday before trakking out on his own. There were still a few minutes left for the Sexta...

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Re: Forest of Menos

Post by Kitana_Matsuri on Tue 29 Jun 2010, 09:08

More often than not did he find a distinct dislike toward his ‘colleagues’ as they could be called. Most of their deaths aside, Grimmjow still barely tolerated the remainder of arrancar as it was. Hebi was like a nuisance waiting to be trampled upon. Within the span of knowing that kid, he did find a small amount of flattery attached. His previous followers were a tad different yet still upheld a lot of the same he saw in their newest Septima. Granted that the age difference was overly clear, he did have enough sense to know this brat could have wiped out his previous fleet. Perhaps not all at once, but Espada were not to be ignored. Personally he could give shit all for anything weaker than Yammy at his lowest.

To him, Hebi was annoying in a childish fashion yet strong enough to keep around; Flattering in low doses yet a headache for longer than 5 minutes. Despite this, the Sexta actually had no opinion if the other cared to follow him around the forest. He could piss a fit about it and order the other to stay the hell away, yet he knew all in all, Hebi would just come back at a later time. So instead of getting worked up, Grimmjow gave a noncommittal grunt and kept walking forward. Right now he had priority to attend to. If rumor was correct, a lot of hollow’s who originally bit the dust were returning from the death of all deaths, into a particular spot hidden by a convoy of Menos.

Truth be told, he didn’t much give a shit on who was coming back from ultimate death. He just had to know if where it was happening was the truth. Espada like Ulquiorra probably spawned there. If that’s the case then at the very least he knew where to find any other shit heads that decided hell was too much. All laws of nature forbid, if Nnoitra came back. That was the one person he wouldn’t mind meeting again. Grimmjow would be all over that fucker in an instant, Pantera brandished and all deadly intent honed. After what the bastard attempted to do, there was no way he’d let Nnoitra return back to Hueco Mundo. Gin would forbid him from killing the nasty praying mantis and he’d have no choice but to accept it. With depleted forces, the order would certainly be backed up. Yet if he by chance found the bastard first, no one had to know.

The thought brought a grin to his face, instantly brightening his mood. Oh yeah, he’d pick n’ choose who came back all right. Yammy was sittin’ pretty on his hit list too. That hulk of idiocy was a menace.

Peering forward, he noticed the first hint of dead trees coming into view. The twisting mewl of power didn’t escape him either. Knowing well enough that the three hierarchies of Menos would likely be within the confines of the forest, Grimmjow kept his awareness at maximum. Getting suddenly attacked was not uncommon. Especially if anything past a Gillian came wandering around. Hebi and himself stuck out as large meals waiting to happen.


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Re: Forest of Menos

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