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Downtown Empty Downtown

Post by Sunbriel on Sun 28 Mar 2010, 02:09

Karakura Downtown.

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Downtown Empty Re: Downtown

Post by Kitana_Matsuri on Fri 09 Apr 2010, 16:36

After everything went awry in Aizen's plans, so much disorder became all too apparent. It wasn't even the kind of chaos he preferred either. The stupid and weak hollows freely picked off the weakest, while creating nests in the real world. He usually noticed their presence more outside of Karakura. Though it was obvious why. They needed a place to retreat that wasn't in Hueco Mundo, yet didn't lie within the town itself. The reasons made sense considering Shinigami activity had not dwindled one bit in this town.

Other occurrences which shocked even him took place as well. Never in all his life did he think he'd see the supposedly dead come back as if nothing ever happened. The idea of it still made his jaw clench, tight with apprehension and a displeasure that ran deep.

Hueco Mundo actually seemed more barren if possible, endless sands stretching out so far that one had to travel out a long distance to even find clusters of hollows. The reason however... Oh he knew what it was alright. The further you were from Las Noches, the easier it was to escape. Even leaving required such little effort that he wasn't surprised to hear from a few hoards about Soul Society breaches. Now he knew Meno's in great numbers could easily infiltrate Soul Society, but they still refused to cooperate with one another. It was the rouge groups of Arrancar and Adjuchas that seemed the most prone to doing so.

Regardless, he was in Karakura at the moment with not too much of a purpose other than to seek out potentially resurrected arrancar from the past. Even that was a half assed reason he didn't care for. But he strolled about freely, a grunt sounding in his throat while he noticed from the West, particular movement. It was just a few pointless hollows, coming together as if there really was strength in numbers. Frankly, they could come in the hundreds and still have a zero survival rate; Shinigami round these parts didn't go down so easily.

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