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Forum rules Empty Forum rules

Post by Sunbriel on Sun 28 Mar 2010, 12:57

The following are the Rules of the Bleach Inferno RPG Forum. They are to be followed and respected:

  • Do not make double accounts
  • Do not double-post, use Edit button instead
  • Do not re-post topics
  • Do not use CAPS Lock
  • You may not have more than one character, OC or Canon.
  • English only*
  • *Japanese, Spanish and German are allowed to be used for minor things such as names of weapons, spells, etc.
  • *If you are not a native speaker, and have a problem with writing in English, use your search engine and find English grammar rules, as well as (online) dictionary - poor English will not be tolerated
  • Respect other members
  • Respect the Staff - they are here to help you
  • Once you've chosen your character, you will be not able to change it
  • Advertising is allowed only in the Advertisement category
  • Bold and colors are reserved for the Staff
  • Be active or else your account will be deleted in 90 days from the last posting (if you are unable to visit the forum for more than a week because of personal problems, holidays, etc., post it in Inactivity topic)
  • No obvious character knockoffs. (i.e. An original character with powers that are the same as Ichigo's and/or other canon characters. This means you cannot preform Getsuga Tenshou, or other special attributed abilities that are designated only to a specific character. Get creative people!)
  • No God modding
  • Breaking of any of the rules of this forum will lead to a warning/ban

Additional information:
  • Every member of a certain Division can open a topic in their Division (i.e. a member of 8th Division can open a topic in 8th Division thread)
  • Name of a topic has to be a name of a certain place (i.e. The Seireitei Underground)

The rules will be updated in the future.

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