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Rules - read before you request

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Rules - read before you request Empty Rules - read before you request

Post by Sunbriel on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 01:00

Do not request:
  • topics that already exist
  • God-like powers and abilities
  • more than 3 custom abilities
  • anything other that doesn't have connection to Bleach manga/anime
  • more than 5 private topics (the number will be changed if more members join and find interest in it)

Private (non-public) topics:
  • if you are not listed as a member of a private topic, you are not allowed to post
  • if you still decide to post, your message will be removed immediately
  • to join a private topic, PM a member of the topic and ask for permission; if majority agrees, you will be able to join
  • make sure your name is listed before posting

All other rules of this forum apply.
The requests will be judged by Admins.

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