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Koji Zinihebi

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Koji Zinihebi Empty Koji Zinihebi

Post by Hebi on Fri 02 Apr 2010, 07:50

Name: Koji Zinihebi
Nickname: Hebi
Faction: Arrancar
Rank: Espada (7th) The seven is above his left eye on his forehead, but it is often hidden by his hair.
Height: 3"8
Weight: 85 lbs.
Hair color: Dark red
Hair Style: short and spiky
Body Type: small and thin
Eyes: Bright Blue

Clothing: He wears a long white coat with the tail stopping at the bottom of his feet. His sleeves also hang past his hands and he is constantly pulling them up. He also wears looses white pants with a black stripe going down the side of it.

Espada Mask: The remains of his mask are attached to the right side of his face. It covers the top of his head and ends at his upper lip. It goes over his right eye and has a slit where his nose is. On the bottom end, it has fangs jutting out. His real teeth are are double rowed ((The little sharp anime tooth that sicks out of his mouth when its closed.)). He also has a large hole takes up most of his abdomen.

Personality: He acts like a child and is extremely immature. He is very trusting of everyone, even his enemies. His innocence is often his greatest fault. He has a very traitorous personality as well. He may befriend a person just to end up slitting their throat when their back is turned. He looks up to Grimmjow, wanting to be just like him. He tries to hang around him but usually ends up getting beaten by him or cursed at. But he keeps trying to show Grimmjow that he can be strong too.
Likes: Playing Games, Fighting, his hero Grimmjow
Dislikes: Liars, Being Punished, Boring People

History: Hebi doesn't remember much of his life in the world of the living. He only remembers his last day of life. He held his mother's hand as they walked through the park in Kyoto. It was a beautiful fall day and he didn't remember feeling happier. As they passed the Serpent Shrine, a strong spiritual pressure overtook the boy and he stopped walking. His mother had felt it as well and gripped his hand tightly. "Koji... Stay here and be careful." With a nod, Hebi released his mother's hand and took a step back. She removed a strange badge from her pocket and pressed it to her chest. He saw her body fall to the ground but she was also still standing there, dressed in a black kimono and she had a sword sheathed at her side. Hebi walked up and held his mom's body as he watched her spirit unsheathe her sword and hold it at the ready. He heard trees crash and looked up to see a large creature with glaring red eyes staring at them. It had a dark purple muscular body with a round hole in the center of it's chest. The bony mask that covered it's face seemed scratched ans scarred, as if it had been in many battles before. Hebi watched as she fought the monster gallantly, but it seemed as if it were too strong for her. It swung a clawed hand and sent her flying back first into a tree. She let out a yell of pain and collapsed to the ground. "MOM!" Hebi ran toward her when the creature blocked his path. His eyes opened wide in fear and he began to back up. He had to run away but he was so terrified his feet seemed to be glued to the ground. It raised it's claws again and brought it down toward his head. Before the attack connected, Hebi's mother appeared and blocked the attack. But... her Zanpakuto lay by the tree where she had laid before. Blood began pouring from the wound and she fell to her knees, still holding the creatures attack. She gave Hebi a soft smile as he arms shook from the strain. She spoke in a small voice. "Koji... Get out of here... Run..." Hebi bolted. He didn't dare to look back because he may never be able to run again. His vision blurred with tears but he wiped them away as he ran through the forest. He could hear the trees crash and shake behind him. He knew the creature was in pursuit and tried to run faster. His misfortune took a turn for the worse when he tripped over a jutting root. Hebi turned in time to see the creature bear down on him and then it all went black.

When Hebi awoke, he found himself in a strange land. He looked up at the dark sky and only saw a moon. He wondered how long until the sun would rise... He found that his body had changed. Hebi had become the same type of creature as the thing that killed his mother. He didn't know what to do in this strange place and in this new form... All he could do was keep moving. He fused with another Hollow in his wanderings but retained his personality in his Menos form. He soon discovered that he had a strange hunger within him and he began feeding on other Hollows. As he fed, he felt his power grow each time. After multiple feedings, Hebi became a Vasto Lorde. He continued his travels until he found himself near a large castle. But the oddest thing was that it appeared to be daytime here. After all the time he had spent there, this world seemed to have been trapped in infinite night. As he neared, he found himself surrounded by odd looking Hollows. They were like him. They had humanoid bodies, but they still had Hollow masks completely covering their faces. But he did not expect them to attack him. As they attacked, he removed his Zanpakuto, which was a Tiger Hook sword. He held them back as he ran toward the castle but before he could reach the gates, they overpowered him. It seemed as if he would die again when a man stood in their path. He was tall and had light teal hair. His eyes were the same color as he watched the Adjucha. He then looked down at Hebi and sneered. "Well? What the fuck are you waiting for? Get the hell out of here." Hebi sat there frozen for a second but soon regained himself. He ran into the castle and was soon found by a Fraccion. These did not seem hostile like the ones he had met before. They lead him deeper inside the bowels of the fortress and introduced him to the ruler, Lord Aizen. Hebi pleaded his case with the man but he said nothing for a few minutes. He then nodded to Hebi and agreed that he could stay. He felt a burning sensation on his forehead and when he looked in the mirror, saw a 7 imprinted on it. And so began Hebi's life as an Espada...

Zanpakuto: The Basilisk
Release Words: "Show'em the path to hell, El Basilisco!"
Resurrection: His mask has changed to cover the rest of his body.His arms become long and clawed while his legs are replaced by a bony tail that more than triples his size. His arms have the ability to extend to extreme lengths to grab his opponent or attack from a distance. His voice becomes dark and harsh, yet it still retains it's childlike quality.

Powers: Illusions: When he bites his opponent, he injects a poison into his foe that causes them to go into a hallucinogenic state. At first, it appears to have no affect on the enemy at all. Then the enemy starts seeing things that has caused them extreme physical or emotional pain in the past. When the wave emotions become overwhelming, many kill themselves or if they continue fighting, Hebi simply kills them while they are weak and dying.

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Character Info
Name: Zinihebi Koji
Rank: Septima Espada

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