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Kin Orochi

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Kin Orochi Empty Kin Orochi

Post by Orochi on Sat 03 Apr 2010, 19:12

Name: Kin Orochi

Age: 20

Zanpakuto: Hebishi (stone snake) : Much like Abarai Renji's zanpakutou it i weapon that can stretch at retract, the difference is that Orochi's zanpakutou it's a blade-like skinny version of it, making the Zanpakutou look a lot more like a snake, whose edges are really sharp. The tip of this Zanpakutou had the face of a snake, whose eyes has the ability to paralize opponents upon eye contact.

Release phrase: "Sekka suru" (Petrify)

Shikai's attack:


This will make the eyes of the snake literally glow, usually making the opponent look into the eyes and become paralyzed.

-Bankai: Kataorochi : The bankai form becomes a large snake with eight heads springing out of the body (Pretty much it becomes a hydra) Each of the heads retains the same properties as the single head of the shikai form, except instead of paralysis it becomes petrification.

Bankai's attack: Gorgon's gaze: Each snake head will light up its eyes with the goal of petrifying the opponent; once done the heads will break the stone into pieces.

Note: The heads can bite.

Likes: snakes; having control, manipulating people (Tho he can't really do it too well) Being in the loop

Dislikes: Snake's natural enemies. people who are too smart and can't be manipulated. being out of the loop.

Looks: Silver hair; spiked up. Yellow eyes, very skinny and slender; somewhat pale. (Ok think scar form FMA; no scar on the forehead; skinnier... yellow eyed and white.)

History: All that Orochi remembers is one day waking up; the roof of his little brown box the first thing that he saw. Living life without knowing what was going on. One thing he knew; whenever there were hollows roaming around the places he used to go to with the other poor kids; he'd be the first target. One time Rochi was running away from a lesser hollow and tripped, the face of death, well not really death, but the end of his spiritual existence was what he thought he had met.

He was wrong; a bright blue ball shot out from his hands and it threw the hollow off. It was enough time for the Gotei 13 to arrive and save him. The shinigami that had witnessed this recommended him to go into training in order to become a shinigami. With the prospect of not living inside a crappy box anymore he readily accepted. This was how he joined the ranks of the shinigami; something that he always felt was a long, long time ago.

Theme song:

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Name: Kin Orochi
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