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Alabaster Psychosis

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Alabaster Psychosis Empty Alabaster Psychosis

Title: Alabaster Psychosis
Pairing: None.
Genra: Sci-Fi/Fantasy-ish?
Warnings: Bizarre. I mean it.
Word count: 465
Part: Prelude

A.N. - This is quite literally, dedicated to my friends screen name, hence the title. His rendition of Ichigo's Hollow actually has nothing to do with this. I was on a Dr. Who rampage when this lunacy raped my mind. I know, it's ridiculous for the most part, but I couldn't help it.



He cherished that word. The way it rolled off his tongue with ease and echoed inside his head.

It was probably the one word he considered to be beautiful if he ever thought anything were to be so appealing.

Once he was told ‘cellar door’, is apparently the most beautiful compound noun in the English language. To which he replied on how little he gave a shit.

Personally he thought he was ‘paradigm.’ The difference in a world of recycled beings; something new and different. A prototype.

In kind he was informed yet again on how un-original he was.

In no way shape or form did he appreciate being told something so insulting. How can he be so easily comparable to another? It made little sense on the possibility.

Yet there was reason shoved in his face, a rationale he didn’t agree with nor wish to hear continuously. Those were the times he felt most patronized; being educated by a simpleton fool with idealistic optimism and the will to be a goody-goody.

It disgusted him thoroughly.

Revolting and maddening.

That was only part of the reason he summoned the domineering strength to overthrow his King; Survival of course being the primary concern.

That was the day he knew how different he really was. Not because of what happened on the outside when unimaginable strains of raw power clung so effortlessly to his being. It had nothing to do with how he demolished the Cuatro in a show of brutal fury.


There was something else that connected with him. An unknown force that showed him Time itself.

So keenly did he revel in it. He remembered feeling so glorified and empowered.

There was no explaining the fact he known he’d been in two places at once.

One prominent force controlled the enhanced body of what resembled an Espada as the other dwindled between worlds in the presence of a demi-god.

He’d do anything to feel it again. Tear down this world he lived in and slaughter the one he called King from the inside out.

A thirst overcame him from that moment. More than desire was it that he needed to feel whatever it was once more.

The knowledge and the power.

He’d have his fill again, he swore.

This sideways hell would burn and be reborn by his hands alone.

It was a promise.

He’d meant every word when he told Ichigo he’d strike the moment he could. That’s exactly what he’d do, too. It would be so irreversible that not even that Shinigami in the hat would have a clue. No tearing of the soul or bonding of the body would restrain him when he came to full sovereignty.

Especially now that he was given a name.

“Shirosaki.” She’d called him.


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