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The Plot

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The Plot Empty The Plot

Post by Sunbriel on Fri 09 Apr 2010, 12:11

Months have passed since the defeat of Aizen, rendering Karakura’s frozen state obsolete. The town has thankfully been restored, allowing the inhabitants to live out their animated lives. Yet in the final battle, the Hogyoku became irreversibly damaged as it was stricken by the massive reiatsu from the ending blow. Due to this, the separating matter between worlds has been severally weakened causing a supreme breach. Arrancar have been finding ways into Soul Society while ones trapped within Seireitei via Kurotsuchi Mayuri, have found ways out. It is suspected that Espada thought to be dead are managing to live once again. The gates of Hell have also fallen prey to diminishing boundaries, thus causing the theory of resurrection among the dead. Havoc has been wreaked upon the districts of Rukongai, inexplicably causing uproars of violence instigated by inhabitants and intruders alike. The presence of Hollow’s from Espada to the lowest classes have been invading not only the living world but places of Rukongai which are easiest to enter.

It is suspected that Aizen may have planned this reaction if he were to fall victim to defeat; this has not been confirmed due to the theory being speculation.

Furthermore, with analysis by both Shinigami in the 12th Division and ex-Captain Urahara Kisuke, it appears the deterioration between dimensions is only progressing.

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