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Cas Ramirez

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Cas Ramirez Empty Cas Ramirez

Post by mangagal2 on Fri 16 Apr 2010, 02:18

Name: Cassandra Ramirez.
Age: is about 124 but looks no older then 15 or 16.
Gender: Female.
Species: Shinigami.
She is a sweet and caring person despite her being the 4th seat in Squad 11. She is usually the person who likes to inspire Yumichika and Ikkaku when they get into their usual 'I'm bored, lets' pick a fight' kinda mood. She's also there to explain to the captain who's fault it is when those idiots get caught. Except when they drag her into it or when she is leading them. She is loyal and funny. She loves to make people laugh; especially Toshiro.

Her zanpaktou spirit Tsubasa on the other hand is the exact opposite of her. He is loud, rambunctious and loves to fight. Cas doesn't prefer to fight but Tsubasa feeds on it. He is pushy and mean to Cas; he always wants her to fight and make them stronger. He adores that she has a bankai because the two of them worked hard to achieve it but hates that she doesn't ever get to use it in a fight. He has the appearance of a tall blonde boy with claws out of his knuckles. He has piercing blue eyes that show nothing but intensity behind them.
Likes: Sitting and staring at the stars at night, Toshiro Hitsugaya and working hard to make herself stronger.
Dislikes: People who tease or bully weaker shinigami, her twin sister, people who disrespect Squad 11.
Cassie has long brown hair that it to her lower waist. She is a measly 4ft 10 inches and constantly teases Toshiro about being shorter then she is. She is quiet content with how small she is as she doesn't weigh over 100lbs. She has an hour glass body shape and a huge smile on her face.
She was raised in the Rukongai by a boy named Takashi. He found her when she was about 3 and he was ten years old. They have a brother and sister relationship. He was the one who inspired her to become a shinigami in the first place. Takashi had been training to be in the 11th Squad when he and Cassie got attacked by a hollow. Takashi got hurt pretty badly trying to protect her.

Cas saw this and she was too scared to move. Then she snapped into action and performed Hado #33 Sokatsui and it killed the hollow and unlocked her shinigami powers along with knocking her off of her feet. So naturally with Takashi's guidance and help she enrolled in the Shinigami academy and learned the ropes. She tried being friend with Toshiro because they knew each pother because she lived just down the street from him and his grandmother. Her first friend was Kusaka and when he and Toshiro became friends, he and Cas became friends.

But When Kusaka died Cas had to witness the act because she was with them when it happened. She died inside when she saw him die; he had been her best friend and felt like that was the only thing that connected her to Toshiro. Ever since that day she has been trying to get Toshiro to become like his old self; the way he was when Sojiro was alive. She is in love with him and wants him to be a little more nicer to her since they were close in the Academy and just wants him to trust and open her up again. Well she isn't a genius like Toshiro she was extrenely good at her skills and graduated a year after he did. She was placed in Squad 4 where she flourished. But it wasn't all happy because she ended up in a fight where she almost killed the girl who had attacked her.

Because of this she was transferred into Squad 11 under Kenpachi Zaraki. She was scared of all the people so she became withdrawn which Kenpachi wouldn't tolerate. He grabbed her by the scruff of her robes one day and asked about why she was here in the first place. She explained what happened with the fight and he seemed shocked that such a powder puff like her got into a fight and nearly killed someone. So he asked her how it made her feel. She said it made her feel amazing and in ecstasyt. Kenpachi smirked and said then this was the perfect squad for her.

Ever since that day she has made more friends with everyone of her Squad and with other shinigami like Renji, Shuhei and Izuru. She quickly rose through the rank of Squad 11 and now she is the 4th seat. Above Yumichika but below Ikkaku but she doesn't ever pull rank over them because she is their friends and friends don't do that.
Zanpakuto name: Tsubasa
Additional information:
Shikai: She gains two long swords similar to Shunsui Kyoraku's except that they are connected to her wrist by wristbands. Along the blade are mauri tattoos like Renji's but when she activates the shikai the tattoos travel from the blade onto her arms She activates it by calling out Scream, Tsubasa!

After working for a long time and some arguing with Tsubasa for like a month she achieved Bankai but has told no one. She doesn't want to be appointed to Captain because like Ikkaku and Yumichika she wants to serve and die under the leadership of Kenpachi Zaraki's leadership.

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Character Info
Name: Cassandra Ramirez
Rank: 4th seat of 11th Division

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